Preparing Your Mouth for a Root Canal

Two simple words have the ability to strike fear into the heart of anyone, no matter how old they are — root canal. However, with the advancements in dental technology and the popularity of endodontists in recent years, root canals don’t have to be scary or painful, especially if you prepare yourself beforehand!   The … Continue Reading »

What Causes a Root Canal

When you hear someone talk about needing a root canal, it’s normally not something they’re excited about. Root canals have gotten a bad reputation over time, but once you understand why you might need a root canal and what happens during a root canal, it becomes less frightening. Below are some of the common causes … Continue Reading »

Root Canal 101

Root canals are often mistakenly described as painful and unpleasant. Although that may have once been the case, with advances in modern medicine, today a root canal is a fairly painless procedure. To understand a root canal procedure, it’s important to first understand the inner workings of a tooth. Your teeth are made up of … Continue Reading »

What is an Endodontist?

Less than three percent of dentists are endodontists, according to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE). As such, it’s no surprise that many people don’t know what endodontists are. However, the procedure that endodontists perform is widely known: the root canal. Endodontics is a specialized field in dentistry that focuses on problems associated with the … Continue Reading »